Stump Bluff Militia

30 Year Anniversary Celebration

Sept. 21,22, and 23

I’m extending this invitation to all past and present members, and long time Stump Bluff supporters .

This is not a rendezvous it’s a get together of old friends who have at one time shared a hobby like no other.

If you would like to make a weekend of it your welcome to come camp, you can use a modern tent, camper or RV, and no costume.

For those of you who are no longer active in rendezvousing this might be a good opportunity to sell some of your rendezvous stuff you’ve been hanging on to. Anyone else that has something to sell or trade feel free to bring it. Friday evening well have a pot of stew or something for anyone camping and maybe something to wash it down with.

On Sat the 22nd I’ll have a shoot set up for anyone wanting to shoot, this is just for fun nothing serious and no prizes. Also anyone wanting to bow shoot I’ll have targets set up.

Saturday around 3 pm we’ll have a community meal, the main dish will be catfish, bring a side dish or desert.

Bring a cooler of cold drinks and chairs and also if you have any old pictures bring them. It might be nice to see what we looked like back in the day.

I know I’ll not remember everyone that was at one time a member so if you will pass this on to someone you know was a member I’m sure they’ll be grateful for an opportunity for a get together. This gathering will be at my house on Stump Bluff Road at 206 Stump Bluff Rd N., Bowling Green, KY. 270-843-1414

In the event you can’t make it, on behalf of the Stump Bluff Militia I want to thank all of you for your help and support, without all of you we could have never achieved this mile stone of 30+ years.

Your Most Humble Servant

Major Ron Robinson

Driving Directions